What we do

What We Do

Most of us aspire to a better way of life, whether for ourselves or for our loved ones.

At Bayswater Financial(Bayswater) we can keep your financial goals moving forward so you can focus on your personal, lifestyle and spiritual goals.

Keeping financial goals on track is as straightforward as following three simple steps:

  • 1) Maximise what you already have;
  • 2) Generate more of what works best for you; and
  • 3) Preserve your wealth

At Bayswater, we value you as a client, not a number. Each time you deal with Bayswater you’ll deal with a real person, not a computer. Every Bayswater client deals with a personal consultant. You’re not talking impersonally to the next available operator at a call centre. You’ll talk to your own qualified and licensed financial adviser who will manage your queries and investments – every step of the way. You’re calling to solve real life matters, so we’ll give you a real-life person to help you.

When you make the decision to organise your finances, you want to it just once, and do it right. At Bayswaterwe know how to structure your money and we make sure every dollar of yours is working its hardest for you, to achieve the goals you want. Your Advisory Team has decades of experience, which is all focused on getting you where you want to be – financially sound.

Most financial advisors are limited to connecting you only with their own brand of providers and solutions. Unlike these advisors, Bayswater has access to the entire open market of Australian financial service providers. We listen to what you want and get you the best result possible, by matching your needs with their capabilities.

At Bayswater,we specialize in helping you gain control of your Superannuation. Our team have been setting up SMSFs for decades now and they know all the ins and outs. If you’re not sure what you can buy with your Super, from a house through to Bitcoin, your Bayswaterfinancial adviser will explain, and most importantly,ensure you comply with, government regulations.


You know where you want to be. You can visualise the house you want to own, the renovation you want to do, the car orholiday you want to buy,and the education plans you’d like to save for. Most of us however,are unsure, and ask ourselves ‘Will my current path really get me there?’

A Financial Health Check will answer this question for you and map out the steps needed to get you where or what you want - on time. Ask us how.

Many of us dream of owning our first home, or know the benefits of an investment property. It’s no secret- property ownership is how almost every Australian has amassed their wealth and it is a rational investment goal.

What most buyers don’t know is that there is a much faster way to get up the rungs of the property ladder. Mapping out the smartest path can bring a property purchase forward a few years, or even make it happen immediately. We can build a Property Purchase Plan which is right for you.

We all have Super, but not all of us agree with, or ever understand, how it is invested.

Your superannuation is for your retirement, no one else’s, so it’s important that it is working towards the retirement that you want.

Whether you believe shares, property, collectable cars, artwork or Bitcoin is the best place for your Super, we’ll help you strategically structure a Superannuation portfolio perfect for your retirement.

The first step to financial independence is doing the most with what you have. This starts with making sure you keep what you have earned.

If you live and earn in Australia, you’ll pay taxes.

Australia’s taxation system is built for growth. To promote the economic growth of the nation, the taxation system is filled with benefits, allowances and provisions for those who are actively trying to improve their own financial well being.

The problem is that most of us don’t know what these allowances and provisions are.

We’ll guide you through the complicated taxation system to make sure you capture all the benefits the Australia government has intended for you.

The most significant single act you can under take to propel you towards your financial goals is organizing your debt.

There are many reasons to borrow money, from going shopping or on holidays to buying shares or a house –but some purchases are better for our financial health than others.

We can get your debt in order and streamlined towards your goals, and you will have taken the greatest step to clear your path towards financial independence. Ask us how.

Insurance. You have it on your home, car or boat.

What most Australians don’t know is that they are also paying for personal/life insurances in their default/industry Superannuation fund. Sadly, these included insurances are often over-priced and provide inadequate cover.

Save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year, by getting clarity on your cover.

Let us review your insurances.

Have you ever wondered why your neighbor always seems to have a new car?

It is possible to effectively profit from buying the car you want.

New car sales are a feature of a prosperous nation - the Australian government wants us to buy new cars and have structured tax benefits so that we do.

Find out how you can benefit from buying the car you want.

The allure of trading the stock markets is centuries old, and for good reason – the world’s wealthiest all have shares. There are endless opportunities in the markets every day, from shares, CFDs and FX through to intricate options strategies.

We’ve worked with thousands of Australians trading the markets, guiding them through to reach their investment goals.

Find out the first steps to take to trade the markets or, for the more experienced, have your existing portfolio reviewed.


10 Tips for investing with your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF):

1. Set it up Right

Setting up an SMSF can be very easy, but often, budget SMSF set-ups result in costly mistakes. Cutting corners in the wrong places can prevent you from being able to buy property or the alternative currency you want. Set up your SMSF correctly with a knowledgeable accountant for a smooth process and great results.

2. Access Professional Knowhow

Having a professional team to support you is possibly your most valued asset. Every year we have new clients coming to us to fix problem swhich have resulted from using a discount provider. Let us set up an SMSF for you or revive your existing ailing one.

3. Get an Experienced Accountant

Every SMSF must be audited, every year. Most investors find this can be the most stressful part of running an SMSF. This is why we remove the headache and reconcile your SMSF every week. This way, any issues are resolved immediately, and the annual audit is as simple as ordering a pizza. Choose an experienced accountant to make your life easy.

4. Make Appropriate Investments

Superannuation is for retirement, so all the investments should be too. Investing for retirement is a straightforward concept, so make sure you apply it correctly to your own circumstances. A lot of SMSFs have an expert team behind them to ensure that they are in order and moving towards the right goals. The rewards of getting your retirement investments right set you up for life, getting them wrong is costly in too many ways to count.

5. Monitor

Being self-managed is both the best and worst part of an SMSF. You have the flexibility to choose the investments most suited for your retirement, but you do need to choose these investments. Many professional money managers use financial advisors themselves to keep their own investments on track by giving an objective view. Let us give you an objective view to keep your investment savings on track?

6. Evolve

Markets change and so do the winning investments. Two decades ago there was no Facebook, Google or Android, but now, they all play a large part in our everyday lives. As rapidly as we moved away from digital film, the top investments from two decades ago also lost relevance. Make sure your SMSF evolves with the times and keeps you on track towards your retirement goals.

7. Utilise Taxation

A certainty of building your superannuation is taxation. The taxation system is complicated and changes each year. To ensure you are using all the available taxation allowances at your disposal to their maximum benefit, find a professional who can guide you to your best annual outcome.

8. Contribute

It’s simple, the more you put in, the more you get out. The allure of tax deductions from putting more money into superannuation can seem ideal. The key is to get the right balance from your individual taxes and superannuation deductions.

9. Manage Exotic investments

Classic cars, art works and crypto currencies can all be bought in your SMSF. The catch is managing these investments properly and in line with the government regulations on use, valuation and auditing. Keep on the right side of this rule as the penalties for crossing the line are a significant.

10. Keep your distance

Having an SMSF means you hold the purse strings. This doesn’t mean though, that you can take the money out for a European Holiday if you promise to pay it back. There are strict rules about keeping your hand out of the honey pot. We strongly suggest erring on the side of caution, and when in doubt seek professional assistance to clarify before buying physical items in your SMSF.


“I have known Christopher Hall professionally for the past 10 years and worked with him on my own personal investment portfolio for the past 5 years.During this time, I have regularly recommended Christopher’s services to my friends, clients and colleagues.He has established a terrific rapport with everyone I have referred him to, which includes many older ‘non-financial-world’ friends and clients.

I am very impressed with the thoroughness and courtesy Christopher always displays. He puts time and effort into detailed responses to everyone he liaises with. He is proactive and views investment opportunities in an even-handed and considered manner”.

Christopher Hall
- Mark Edmunds, FCPA, Mark Edmunds Associates, Nelson Bay (March 2018)