Being financially independent is not a new idea. In Australia, individuals and families have struggled to gain financial independence for decades. With the cost of living rising rapidly it’s more important than ever to make the right decisions with your money.

Everyone in today’s world is just “too busy” with their lives to stope and take stock of their finances, and as a result they don’t.

“Those who are wise will not be busy, and those who are too busy cannot be wise.”
― Lin Yutang, The Importance of Living

We take pride in our relationships with our clients, and take joy in guiding people out of inaction, into action.

What We Do

Most of us aspire to a better way of life, whether for ourselves or for our loved ones.

At Bayswater Financial(Bayswater) we can keep your financial goals moving forward so you can focus on your personal, lifestyle and spiritual goals.

Keeping financial goals on track is as straightforward as following three simple steps:

  • 1) Maximise what you already have;
  • 2) Generate more of what works best for you; and
  • 3) Preserve your wealth

At Bayswater, we value you as a client, not a number. Each time you deal with Bayswater you’ll deal with a real person, not a computer. Every Bayswater client deals with a personal consultant. You’re not talking impersonally to the next available operator at a call centre. You’ll talk to your own qualified and licensed financial adviser who will manage your queries and investments – every step of the way. You’re calling to solve real life matters, so we’ll give you a real-life person to help you.

When you make the decision to organize your finances, you want to it just once, and do it right. At Bayswater we know how to structure your money and we make sure every dollar of yours is working its hardest for you, to achieve the goals you want. Your Advisory Team has decades of experience, which is all focused on getting you where you want to be – financially sound.

Most financial advisors are limited to connecting you only with their own brand of providers and solutions. Unlike these advisors, Bayswater has access to the entire open market of Australian financial service providers. We listen to what you want and get you the best result possible, by matching your needs with their capabilities.

At Bayswater,we specialise in helping you gain control of your Superannuation. Our team have been setting up SMSFs for decades now and they know all the ins and outs. If you’re not sure what you can buy with your Super, from a house through to Bitcoin, yourBayswaterfinancial adviser will explain, and most importantly,ensure you comply with, governmentregulations.


“I have known Christopher Hall professionally for the past 10 years and worked with him on my own personal investment portfolio for the past 5 years.During this time, I have regularly recommended Christopher’s services to my friends, clients and colleagues.He has established a terrific rapport with everyone I have referred him to, which includes many older ‘non-financial-world’ friends and clients.

I am very impressed with the thoroughness and courtesy Christopher always displays. He puts time and effort into detailed responses to everyone he liaises with. He is proactive and views investment opportunities in an even-handed and considered manner”.

Christopher Hall
- Mark Edmunds, FCPA, Mark Edmunds Associates, Nelson Bay (March 2018)